Tri Cities Fox Hunting
Recap from the last hunt

5th Fox Hunt called " Boone's Foxchase"

Well done to the winners of the fox hunt, They sniffed out the fox most efficiently 7 was the best mileage and the worst was at 11miles. Everyone learned something and for some, this was the very first time doing a fox hunt. Congrads to all!

This page is for the Tri Cities Fox Hunting  Group  on this page you will find information on local fox hunting that will be occuring in the Tri Cities area of North East Tennessee.

The purpose of having a fox hunt is provide training on finding hidden transmitters than can aid on finding stuck microphones or malicous interference, also could be helpful finding down aircraft etc..

The winner will be determined by the least amount of mileage driven from a pre determined starting point and arriving back at the starting point.

Here is a list of some rules we will have and are subject to change to accommodate different types of hunts.

During the spring and summer season there could be different types of hunts one for beginners and one for more advanced when we get enough people involved.

Now a change of setting for this hunt now we will be in the suburbs and the country side for this one with a lake in the mix, we will have a fox hunt called "Boone's Lake Challenge"  This could get tricky! In This hunt the search box will be in the around Boone Lake area. . Starting point will be Boones Creek United Methodist Church parking lot at 10AM right off of Highway 36 or Kingsport Highway which is inbetween Gray and Boones Creek Area. If you are traveling north it will be on the right side of the road. Talk in frequency will be
146.700. The fox frequency will be 147.560 Mhz
Help spread the word, I am hoping to have a prize for the 1st place winners with limited amount of prizes.

Here is the schedule of hunts so far
15 September 2012 Boones Creek TN Area
More to be added later....

Pre registration is not a necessity , but it would be nice to know how many people are going  to show up , Please email me if you can if you have any question or tell me you will be there. Link to my email here CLICK HERE

In case of a long duration rain event the fox hunt will be rescheduled.. If the weather looks promising it will be reschedule for the next day at 3pm if not this it will be rescheduled for the next weekend.

In the map below is of Boones Creek ,  Gray , TN area and the red line is the boundry where the fox will be hiding within.

More Detailed map for Boones Creek and Gray TN area for the Fox hunt
Click Here
Here are some rules to follow to keep you safe and out of trouble

1. When driving slow use caution lights

2. When driving slow and you have traffic behind you safely pull over to let other traffic by you.

3. The fox will be on public access property (such as parks, parking lots, cemeteries etc..).

4. Do not park in a road to get a direction of signal etc..

5. Always obey all traffic laws.

6. Make sure if antennas are external that it can with stand the wind speeds.

7. When ever possible have a navigator

8. The fox will not be located in a building unless told other wise.

9. Do not cross onto private property, the fox will always be accesible from a public road(parking lots) on public land.

10. The fox will be within 200ft of a accesible road or parking lot.

11. There is no need to pay tolls , entrance fees to any location.

12. A designated (starting and ending) location will be announced before each hunt.

13. Each first Saturday of the month will be the fox hunt unless a rained out then the fox hunt will be moved to the next Saturday. but not always!

14. The fox hunt will be won by the least amount of miles driven.

15. It is preffered that the fox can be heard at the beginning of the hunt from starting point by at least 25% of hunters , but is not mandatory but in the case of not hearing the fox, the fox should not be too far from hearing it. Using a smart strategy is needed as well Because we know not all foxes can not be heard from anywhere (as in we do not always hear the interfering signal to a repeater from any location).

16. If the fox is found, DO NOT transmit its location, find the message on the transmitter to bring back to designated area at the finishing point. (This way it does not spoil it for other hunters)(also do not transmit till you are away from the fox after it is found)

17. These rules can and probably WILL be changed to accomadate different type of hunts. 

18. There might be two different type of hunts one for a wide area hunt and one for more local  areas.

19. The use of another radio is only permitted when used on a different band or can use 2m till you get close to the fox at and always at very low power and very short transmissions. and Do NOT use 147.560 or any of the 147mhz simplex frequencies.

20. The fox needs to monitor a pre determined repeater for any emergency traffic and/or drops outs etc..

Here are some helpful tips and links for RDF equipment to help you get started.

1.  Homebrew tape measure yagi beam very portable with no worries of breaking elements. -

2. A detailed map of the tri cities with small streets showing up on the map with a plastic overlay and a grease pencil to mark bearings and because of the overlay the map can be reusable.

3. Adcock antenna a type of RDF antenna fairly simple to build.,92

4. A simple adjustable passive attenuator especially for HT's.

5.A active attenuator for more attenuation.

6. Compass to be able to shoot a azimuth toward the transmitter on the map.

7.  A active RDF type of antenna system (more advanced)

8. A passive attenuater with network of resistor selected with toggle switches. (PDF)

9. Tinfoil Tube
The tinfoil tube is a short range-tracking device. By lowering your HT (with a rubber duck antenna) into it you block the signal. This is a form of attenuation. By moving the HT up and down inside of the tube, you can weaken the signal. Then you turn around in a circle. When the signal goes away, the transmitter is behind you. What you are doing is weakening the signal enough so that when you turn around, your body blocks the rest of the signal. This is a short to mid range tracking device and takes a lot of practice to make it work.
Past Winners and pictures of prior hunts Click Here
Boone's Foxchase
1st Place
2nd Place