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Don't Pretend

I run into this situation a whole lot from ever day contacts to contesting contacts

I will have stations that will answer my call when in Contest mode with a CQ similar to CQ PSKFEST Contest and station will come back to me giving me there name, location , equipment, hobbies and anything else that does not pertain to a contest at all.

When you see someone calling Contest, TEST or something strange like CQ Sprint or CQ Flavors or something added other than the generic CQ, Why would you pretend you know what is going on?

If you do not know anything about the contest, Would it not be right to maybe look up online for information about the contest? Like information about the exchange especially or you can always ask, Hey what do you need for the exchange?

Contest stations do not want to be bothered by stations giving information they do not need to receive it is wasting there time on the air for higher QSO rates, but they do enjoy having a contact. Stations enjoy making a contact, but also want a quick turn around rate at the same time.

If a CQ station missed part of the information , don't assume he got it , If he asks for a serial or his report, don't pretend you are receiving him ok and just say 73 and leave.

If you are not receiving the other station correctly ask him to repeat if you did not receive the information you needed.

Now another thing that bothers me a whole lot is in everyday QSO mode , When I say my name is Craig, Craig which is my legal name , don't assume my name is Jonathan, which is also my legal name, but all my life I went by Craig, so why change now? Don't assume my name is Jonathan because the QRZ or FCC data base has my name as Jonathan C. Which has to be that way because of legal reason and no options to change. The simple and most logical work around is actually read what you receive! Don't pretend you are receiving me ok and assume my name is Jonathan , another option is not even use the name at all if you didn't receive it correctly, this method would not make you look as silly across the air waves.

Not only in my case this is true , such as the name William , most William's go by the name Bill.

In some ways you can look at this being rude or down right strange, if I met you on the street and told you my name is Eric, Do you call me Sam? I think I would question to myself, is this guy even listening to me? Does this guy/gal comprehend what I am even saying?

Hey if we make a mistake, say "sorry I misunderstood, my fault" then correct the problem
simple as that.

If a station ask you a question such as , Hey I missed your QTH can you resend it , Don't assume he has received your last ok and is signing out, If you are not receiving ok you might have to question to yourself, Should I ask him to repeat?

In a QSO the way a conversation is structured you have plenty of opportunities to ask for fills (info you did not receive for what ever reason) like in a Contest for example

CQ CQ Contest de AC4M

then if received ok the other station goes

XX4XXX XX4XX pse k

if received I reply if not then I ask QRZ? or similar

XX4XXX de AC4M 001 001 qsl?

If received ok the other station reply , if not xx4xxx ask agn agn or similar.

AC4M de xx4xxx 001 001 qsl?

If received ok I reply, if not I ask agn agn or similar

xx4xxx de AC4M QSL 73

No need for xx4xxx to key back up , xx4xxx does not need to give more info, xx4xxx has the option to give a 73 in his last transmission as well, If xx4xxx could listen for a couple of seconds to make sure AC4M started CQing again, incase something extra was sent and you missed for some strange reason.

in a regular contact this is a similar situation you have plenty of opportunities to ask for fills.

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