Propagation software are meant to give you a ruff idea on how well you can do various parts of the world and at different times.  Propagation predicters are not 100% and are not really designed to because there are so many variables that can effect propagation and changes very fast. But this software I recommend is called HamCap and it works with the VOACAP engine. So if you decide to get this free software you will need to also download the VOACAP software as well. This software is untested with the newest VOACAP verision but , I know for fact it does work with older version of VOACAP  Some other benefits of this software you can choose the type of antenna you are using and also you can use a antenna file that you have modeled out as well. Other things you can do it precompute maps for contests and also show them on the internet as well.

I will give you links to the software to make sure you get the lastest version of HamCap

Click here for HamCap

Now here is the download link for VOACAP