My name is Craig and my callsign is AC4M I have been a ham since 1996 and received my first call as KF4HOU and I play around mostly on Digital modes on HF and use Phone alot on 2m repeaters. 

In 1992 I entered the service and was trained to be a 31C or a Single Channel Operator , I was trained on the GRC-106 RTTY rig and SINGARS and also some FM radio such as the RT-246 , Then I got to operate a 4 ISB rig which we could do Two Data channels mostly using ASCII and also we could do phone patch in full duplex by using two half rhombic antennas also in the army I was trained to be a 31U as well.

After I got out of the military I ran into a cheap way of getting onto the bands using digital modes via the sound card . So ever since then I usually stay on some sort of Data mode. I enjoy all the modes but sometimes it is pretty hard to find some one to ragchew with in certain modes , because they do not like it or they do not understand what it is.