ISCAT is a new mode that replaces JT6M.  It has significantly better performance
on the propagation paths where JT6M has been popular, such as tropospheric and ionospheric scatter and weak Es or F2 on 6 meters.  If you liked and used
JT6M, you will like ISCAT even better.  Please note: this mode is not the same as the temporary one called ISCAT in WSJT 8.
Mode    T/R       Mod      FEC    Nsps   Baud     BW         cps      S/N(s)
ISCAT 15, 30   42-FSK     -      256    43.1    1809hz     32.3    -17db

+ Good Tropos and Es openings and Other types of Ionospheric openings.
- can not ragchew in this mode in a traditional way
-not used much
+designed for 6m like conditions 
-not used very much on HF bands
-learning the sequence of a QSO has a learning curve

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