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Created by: Moe Wheatley (AE4JY) and Howard Teller (KH6TY) in 2003
Description :
Baud rate : 62.5
Speed : 74 wpm in capital letters and 102 wpm in small letters (average)
Bandwidth : about 160 Hz,
Drift tolerance :120 Hz/min in BPSK63
Lowest S/N : - 7 dB for BPSK63
Note: for the remainder, the characteristics are identical to the ones of BPSK31/QPSK31 modes.

This mode is 87 wpm average speed mode , which is good for contesting , lots of people are intimidated by the speeds but there is no reason to type fast in this mode, This mode would be great for Dxpeditions as well.  Small penalty of using a wider mode for Signal to noise ratio , but sometimes the faster baud will get the information to the other station before multipath and other iononspheric conditions corrupt the text being decoded, the ionoshpere is fluid and ever changing, you can not predict which mode is the best
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Sound of BPSK63
Image of BPSK63