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Creator : Patrick Lindecker F6CTE (2005)
Description :
Baud rate : 220.5
Speed : 140 wpm in capital letters and 200 wpm in small letters (average)
Modulation : DBPSK
Reception mode : indifferent (LSB or USB)
Character set : ASCII characters + almost all ANSI extended characters + an error reset character (« Varicode » characters)
Shape of pulse : raised cosine
Bandwidth : about 430 Hz (max - 30 dB),
Synchronization : automatic using the signal
Correction code : no
Convolution code : R(Rate)=1/2, K (Constraint length)=7  with Viterbi type decoder, both coder outputs being sent successively,
Drift tolerance : 2.5 Hz/sec (+/- depending on signal-to-noise ratio)
Pmean/Ppeak : 0.79
Lowest S/N : - 7 dB in text and -5 dB in DIGISSTV
Interleaving : no
Note: this mode is simply PSK63F (of Nino Porcino IZ8BLY) carried to 220.5 bauds.
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Sound of PSK220FEC
Image of PSK220FEC