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Created by: Peter Martinez G3PLX
Description :
Baud rate : 31.25
Speed : 37 wpm in capital letters and 51 wpm in small letters (average)
Modulation : DBPSK
Receive mode: indifferent (LSB or USB) for BPSK31 only, most people use USB to keep down confusion
Character set : ASCII characters + ANSI extended characters + an error reset character  («
Varicode » characters)
Shape of pulse : raised cosine
Bandwidth : about 80 Hz,
Demodulation : coherent,
Synchronization : automatic using the signal
Correction code : no
Convolution code : no for BPSK31
Interleaving : no
Automatic Frequency Correction : about +/- 10 Hz depending on signal-to-noise ratio,
Drift tolerance : 60 Hz/min in BPSK31
Pmean/Ppeak : 0.79 for BPSK31
Lowest S/N : -11.5 dB

Recommanded frequencies for BPSK31
1838, 3580, 7040, 7070( in US), 10140, 14070, 18100, 21080, 24920, 28070, 28120, 50290, all freqiences are in USB mode

BPSK31 is a good mode for low power, but it falls apart on decoding with moderate to severe multipathing moments, If you have stable conditions say going over the poles on DX it requires little power. With Polar flutter and multipath moments can create many errors in this mode with no FEC built into mode, but great Signal noise ratio attributes which is much greater than SSB or some other wider modes.

BPSK31 is one of the more popular data modes.
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What BPSK31 sounds like

Image of BPSK31