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PSK beyond 125 Baud

The mode uses the same techinques as other PSK modes, but the baud is much faster.

I am using the term PSK to cover both types of fast baud BPSK and QPSK modes .

Not all software have higher than BPSK125

MixW only supports up to PSK125 , but there is a hack you can do under : Mode Settings>Baud Rate  .. Just type in any baud amount you want directly into the drop down box.

FLDigi suports up to 1000 baud under BPSK mode and only to 500 on QPSK mode. More information on other types of  PSK mode of this software on another part of the webpage.

MultiPSK supports up to 250 baud in both PSK modes.

As the bandwidth increases with speed , the Signal to noise ratio will decrease ,

A rough estimate on the bandwith would be  250 baud roughly 250hz wide, 500 baud roughly 500 hz. Etc.. The effective bandwidth will be greater than the baud though.
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Sound of BPSK500
used same file as of other psk sounds
Image of PSK500 , short duration in time to send text