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Multi Carrier PSK
is using the same protocol for PSK-R but adding the information to different carriers

The PSKR modes use binary convolution to generate two bits per varicode bit at the same symbol rate.  These modes us Rate R=1/2, Constraint length K=7 with diagonal interleavers, variable in size to keep the timing between redundant information constant. 
The number of interleavers for each baud rate is 40, 80 and 160 for PSK125R, PSK250R and PSK500R respectively.  PSKR modes use the MFSK varicode which provides a small increase in average speed of about 13%.

The PSK63FEC (also PSK63F in short) is identical to the PSKR modes but for the absence of an interleaver.
              Mode           Speed      WPM         Duty Cycle    Bandwidth       ITU Designator
     PSK125R     125 baud   110 wpm       ~ 80%          250 Hz             250HG1B
     PSK250R     250 baud   220 wpm       ~ 80%          500 Hz            500HG1B
      PSK500R     500 baud   440 wpm       ~ 80%         1000 Hz          1000HG1B
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Sound of PSK63R with 4 carriers
PSK125R with 10 carriers
Image of PSK63R 4 carriers
Image of PSK125R 10 Carriers