DV can now be done with software. There are a few software out there than can do this mode, Hopefully more in the future!

Bandwidth of this mode is around 1100hz wide NOT bad !

It uses
Frequency Division Multiplex Digital Voice) is based on 15 carriers using
the 1400 LPC CODEC. High power in each carrier combined with a narrow 1.125 KHz
bandwidth provide good robustness with fast sync for a near SSB experience. FDMDV
is new and
not derived from DRM technology.
Technical Specs: 50 baud 14 QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) voice data
1 Center
BPSK (Binary Phase Shift Keying) carrier with
2x power for Auto Tuning and frame indication.
1.125 KHz spectrum bandwidth with 75Hz carrier spacing
1450 bps
data rate
1400 bps open LPC CODEC
Adjustable Squelch
TX ALC boost average power while reducing the peak power
FEC (Forward Error Correction) for fast synchronization.
48000 Sample Rate/16-20 bit/
AC97 sound card compatible
F6CTE’s RSID for identifying and synchronizing FDM signals

Mode Menu

Mode Audio Sample
FFT Window Screenshot